a weekend away






This past weekend we went to Salt Spring Island to meet some extended family for the first time. My step mother in law is from Scotland and has family from there and from the US. It was basically a family reunion. It was a fun little trip complete with a quick visit to the Saturday Market and an afternoon spent at Drummond Park for Fulford Day.

It was a fun weekend, but not everyone was really into it, which can be a bummer. All I know is that I slept better and it was nice to have other eyes watching Hannah so I could take a break and relax. Hannah also did really well eating proper food. I don’t think she took many bottles.

The only thing that was really challenging was getting Hannah down for the night. Between an unfamiliar room and crib and the overexcitement of too much going on, she cried harder than ever when I put her down. I closed the door and sat in the chair just outside of the room and listened to her cry in hopes that she would settle down. We stayed in a studio space separate from the house so I wanted to make sure she was asleep or, at least, going to sleep because I wouldn’t be able to hear her otherwise. Instead she wailed and I thought of what it’s like to be in such a strange place and my heart started breaking for her. After only a few minutes of her heart wrenching screams I picker her up and she gave me the tightest, most cuddly hug and we stayed like that for several minutes as I rocked her and held her close. It was one of those sweet mommy moments that is savoured.

Both nights were like that, though the second one was a little more challenging, but once she was asleep she slept through the night both nights and I slept better than I have been lately. I swear there is something about the non-city air that makes me so much more relaxed. I have to admit that the slower pace of the island is something that I miss. In fact, when we were in town to see the market I thought how much I was glad to be gone. Maybe I need to compromise a little, get out of the city proper and settle in a more suburban area such as Maple Ridge or Abbotsford or Mission. It’s a shame Nate is totally against the idea of moving out to “the boonies”. Yet he’s totally fine being on a small island.

I digress. It was a lovely weekend, thought travelling with a toddler is something I’m not a particular fan of, especially when the idea of being on a ferry for an hour and a half, to me, means tea and a book, not chasing after a little person. I’m a little at the point where the idea of flying is a little terrifying. I’m glad you don’t have any plans to fly anywhere. Yet.


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