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Here are two pictures of my beautiful girl because I can’t help myself. They were taken by my mother in law. I just got caught up in my photo stream on my phone. Apparently I have no idea how this technology works because it has all my photos going back to Hannah’s first day. Heck, there are even pictures of my pregnant self in there! It was a little bizarre to look back at pictures of her when she was only a couple of weeks old with her black fuzz, tiny, squished ears, chubby cheeks and teeny hands. In fact, here’s a picture of her during her first weeks. Sadly I do not have an exact age on this one, but I can guarantee you that she was well within her first month of extra-utero existence.


I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around how much she has changed in her first year. And it’s been such a pleasure to change with her. I doubt I can even tell how much becoming a mom has changed me, improved me. She’s been such a joy, never a difficult baby, and now, with all the personality coming through, the happiest baby I’ve ever seen in my life!

But I digress. I meant to come on here and bore you with my thoughts on my love/hate (thought heavier on the hate these days) relationship with Facebook.

To put it simply, I miss the good ol’ days before Facebook and smartphones. I have a Facebook addiction to the point where I am constantly pulling out my phone to check it. The worst part is that my feed doesn’t even provide anything truly riveting or worth my time. I am wasting my time by looking at how other people are wasting their time. It is the cruelest joke of our modern society, in my opinion. And, with smartphones also taking over our lives, it’s a double whammy. I like my iPhone. It’s come in handy for taking candid photos of Hannah being her usual silly self. I use Instagram and I appreciate it more than Facebook because there are legitimate artists on there who seek exposure. But Facebook…70% of my feed is people sharing an image from stupid page dedicated to posting stupid pictures. Sure, I’ll admit I sometimes get a laugh out of what I see, but that chortle isn’t worth the time I’ve wasted to find it “accidentally”.

Now, I understand that I am adult and I am in control of how much I do and do not use social media. I’m not blaming Facebook for anything. This is all on me, and that is exactly my point. It’s becoming a problem for me.  Thankfully not in a destructive way, though quite often I’ll be looking at it instead of Hannah and I’m suddenly making a mad dash to save her from her curious toddler self, or the item in which she means to destroy for the sake of her entertainment. More often than not I find my looking at Facebook getting in the way of much more important tasks, i.e. focusing on Hannah, Nate, dinner, chores, errands, or even myself. I’m having a hard time reading any kind of book on Kindle because I’m too busy pulling out my phone to look at Facebook all the time!

So I’ve been mulling over what to do about this. Today I started by turning off my notifications for my Facebook app AND turning on that nifty Do Not Disturb mode the iPhone has. You know what? I STILL got a Facebook notification. Something must be broken, or Facebook has infiltrated so deeply into my life that I can’t even turn it off when I want to. So I deleted the app. That seemed to work. For now I’ve decided that if I want to use my phone to look at Facebook I’ll have to use Safari instead.

I’m well aware that if I want Facebook to go away I need to summon the will power to “just say no”. If I can quit smoking cold turkey I can bloody well quit Facebook. Far be it for me to think I’m so self important that I absolutely MUST stay connected via the biggest time waster on the internet (next to Twitter and If I want to use my phone for entertainment purposes I feel like reading blogs is a much more productive way to go. At least I’m reading something with more substance. That’s not to say that I don’t read important posts from friends on Facebook, but like I said 70% of my feed is most definitely not important.

I’m part of a mommy group that I stay in touch with, I get information/recipes from real foodie bloggers, and I have a handful of friends who actually post something written from their own fingertips and the rest is…well, it is what it is and I’ve simply given up on it.

So I’ve set a small goal for myself. Baby steps, you know. I’m NOT going to redownload that Facebook app and I’m going to use my phone for social media as little as possible. I’ll allow a quick scroll through Instagram and maybe use my iOS to post something to my own Facebook wall, BUT I will only actually look AT Facebook on my computer, at home, when I actually have a spare moment to spend on something mindless. Maybe when I break this nasty habit I’ll be able to write on here more because I’ll actually have the mental energy to do so.

After all, Facebook is not the end all be all of communication and if someone REALLY wanted to get a hold of me there are other ways, i.e. email. Yeah, remember email? Good ol’ email. The only people I actually email anymore are my mother and grandmother because neither have Facebook. Fancy that.


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