Now that money is severely limited I have a whole new appreciation for thrift stores. Today I found two Joe Fresh tops and a pair of H&M jeans for Hannah for $9.42. You can’t beat that! I also found a pair of Lucky Brand jeans that I wanted for myself, but didn’t want to spend the $15 on, but I can tell you that when I do have money to go clothes shopping I’m going to the thrift stores first! I never used to like thrift stores because everything was so tacky, but nowadays people donate a lot of nearly new and gently used items that aren’t that old and still pseudo stylish. I figure that out of all that inventory there’s gotta be SOMETHING in there I’ll like. To be honest, if I could have had it my way I would have walked out of there with two pairs of jeans and two cardigans.

The last time I stepped foot in a Value Village I walked out of there with $90 worth of baby clothes for Hannah. It was money well spent, I must say. I used most of it and I didn’t feel like I had spent a fortune because some of it was bigger sizes and lasted quite a while. As much I love Carter’s and Joe Fresh and all the new stuff they come out with it’s hard to justify when it will only be worn for such a short period of time. Unless you want to work with a very small wardrobe for your little one, do laundry frequently, and make her (or him!) wear the snot out of it then I could see it being worth while. Otherwise, thirfting is the best way to go! It’s 80-90% cheaper, likely new anyway, AND if I just take the time to look carefully I’ll find the brands I like. The picture above is small, but all three pieces look like they were hardly used. There are no stains or damage of any kind and I know from experience that the shirts would have cost $8–$10 brand new. I haven’t shopped at H&M for baby clothes, but if I had to venture a guess I’d say those jeans are probably around $12-$15 brand new.

Baby clothes aside, I was really impressed with their jean rack. They hung them on the hangers in a way that made browsing the labels and sizes easy (though they sort them by size anyway) and I saw a lot of decent brands. From a merchandising point of view I found it to be visually appealing as well. I’ll bet jeans are one of those clothing items where people will buy a pair, wear them once or twice, hate how they fit and get rid of them. Those Lucky Brand jeans looked pretty darn new ($100 retail!!) and they were only $15.

It can get a little tiresome sifting through all the stuff that is so obviously old, ugly, or both. And, frankly, the sound of clothes hangers screeching on metal poles is like nails on a chalk board to me, but it actually feels pretty good to have found something awesome, i.e. my little treasures of Hannah today. And you may walk in and think, This is going to be a waste of time, but just dive in. It’s a different shopping experience than at the mall where everything is merchandised to draw your bank card out of your wallet. But the search is part of the fun!


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