bye summer…no really, get lost!

Okay, okay…don’t hate me for saying this, but I’m over summer. I’m a fall baby, so every single year I look forward to fall and all the cliches it brings. I miss wearing layers and not sweating.

Oh yes, NOT sweating. I have sweated more than ever have summer. More than I remember, anyway. I partly blame my body chemistry. Nothing has been the same since I had Hannah. Heck, three sips into a cup of coffee or tea and I’m breaking a sweat. It’s quite ridiculous, actually. And never mind how it pours from my neck and forehead when I vacuum. I miss the days when I loafed around the house in slippers and a hoodie. So I’m hoping and praying that autumn’s cooler temperatures will calm mine as well and I might actually feel a chill every now and then. 

It’s more than the sweating though. I crave looking out my windows and seeing Surrey shrouded in heavy rainfall and cloud, feeling no desire to go anywhere. Of course days like that are best enjoyed on a day off from work, though the idea of being inside all day with a toddler is nothing if not slightly frightening. Thankfully there’s a solution to that problem and that is a play place Hannah enjoys that is both covered and heated (and appropriate for her age!) 😀 In fact, it’s quite perfect down there. It’s right beside a Safeway if I want to take groceries home, it’s right by a Starbucks so I can enjoy a coffee while Hannah plays, and there’s a Skytrain station and bus loop if I decide I want to go somewhere else. And it’s all a 10 minute walk away so I’m not too afraid of having a super bored child during the crappy weather.

Oh and there’s one more thing that makes me excited for fall…putting away our AC. Oh don’t get me wrong, that thing has been a lifesaver this summer and made our hell-on-earth apartment not just tolerable, but liveable. However, it’s so LOUD! In fact, I’ve noticed a difference in my stress level and mood when it’s been on or off all evening. When it’s on it’s not just the white noise of the blasting AC. We have to crank the TV volume up to hear it over that white noise. Hasn’t it been proven that constant loud noise raises stress? Maybe that’s why I haven’t been sleeping very well this summer. 

Sweet, sweet Autumn. Hurry up and get here! Never in my life have I been so excited for rain and cold. Well, maybe when we were moving back from Saudi Arabia when I was 14, but that’s a whole other story. The next two months are the best out of the year for me. I hope I can enjoy them as much as I’m looking forward to them. 


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