open communication

Hannah is so amazing. And I don’t meant that in a “my kid is the best!” kind of way. I say that in earnest. In fact, this stage of toddlerhood is amazing. Their learning capacity is off the hook! For example, today Hannah showed me that my attempts in teaching her the sign for bedtime were successful. I didn’t do it very many times either, only a few. She does the sign with one hand in her own toddler way, but enough that we understand what she means. Tonight I picked her up to put her in her PJ’s and she was waving good night to Nate. We came back out and Nate started saying goodnight to her and she was waving at him again. He said, “Time for bed?” made the sign and she waved again and signed. I was blown away, especially after Nate told me that he hadn’t been using it with her, I was the only one. 

Less recently she started signing “all done”, and I’m working on “more”, “thirsty”, and “hungry”. Recently she learned “play”. I’ll tell her to go play and make the sign as I say it. She’ll sign it back to me in a not so accurate way, but honestly I can’t expect a 14 months old to make the “hang loose” sign with her fingers and wave her hands up and down. Instead she just hangs her hands from the wrists and waves them around. It’s good enough for me. 

However way she signs, she’s a lot easier to understand now. Well…for me she is. And Nate. I know what she needs when she needs it’s. It’s just pain and discomfort that’s hard to pinpoint. But I totally understand what it’s like now for parent and child to have that connection of communication and understanding and ut’s mind blowing. 

I know she understands what I say to her like “come here”, “let’s go” etc, but when she doesn’t do what I say it’s because she’s choosing to do something else, or she’s so incredibly distracted that the comprehension on her end is being ignored. But she understands

This is all mind blowing to me because I underestimated how smart 1 year olds are. That’s simply because I never spent any time one in the past. I am learning almost as much as she is, but I’m having so much fun with it. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I get to spend the whole day with her and see what else she can show me. 


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