autumn happiness

Work has kept me busy, folks! And by work I mean both my employer and my household. So, needless to say, when I get spare time I don’t want to spend it on the internet. Besides, fall TV is keeping me busy too. I’ve actually had to drop a show or two so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed by all the TV I gotta keep up with. Hehe. And now that October is here I’ve already added TWO shows to my watch list, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, and come the 25th I might end up adding Dracula to that list too if I like what I see.

But I digress…this isn’t why I came here to write today. I have a small confession to make.

I miss Salt Spring Island.

Well…hold on. I started this post, then had a few more days to think about it and I’ve narrowed it down. I miss the house we lived in. It was a neat little place, emphasis on little. We couldn’t live in it now with Hannah being a toddler, but in retrospect I enjoyed my time there. I miss living in a place surrounded by forest. Last fall was all about hanging out in the living room where there were plenty of windows including two sky lights, a wood stove burning hot, and cups of tea. I had a very cozy autumn and winter last year to say the least. And with autumn here and in full swing those memories are coming back to me and I’m really starting to miss it.

So after writing that post about how I was so finished with summer and wanted autumn here, like, yesterday I am so very pleased with the season this year. It’s been sunny, but the temperature has cooled down to add a crispiness to the air. I am seriously enjoying every second of it! I love walking to work bundled in layers, though I tend to over heat still. Yep, we’ve had a beautiful autumn so far and I’m even jazzed about the holidays being right around the corner.

I usually don’t care much for Christmas, but after not having one AT ALL last year, and next to no exposure to decor and music either, I am so pumped to be surrounded by it all again. I’m looking forward to working through the holidays and the business it will bring.

But this past week I’ve been jazzed about life in general 🙂 Work is good and I like doing it because I know I’m good at it. I have confidence coming out of the wazzu! Hannah is awesome, Nate is awesome and now that I’m taking steps to further my career I feel like I have purpose in my life, that I have something to work towards, that I’m no longer aimless and just riding the wave. I feel like I’m carving the wave. Today’s been kind eh, though I think that has to do with not sleeping or eating enough, so I hope to stuff my face with dinner and go to bed earlier than usual. Maybe even take a epsom salt bath to really seal the deal.

But yeah! I’ve been doing great and I wanna keep this high going 🙂


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