I was just scrolling through my previous posts and saw the one I shared on motherhood. The first picture included was the comparison photo of me while pregnant at the beginning and closer to the end. What I really noticed was my face. In the 33 week photo I am wearing glasses and no makeup and my face is probably a little more filled in just by being pregnant, but I can see past all that and even compare those pictures to how I look now and, boy, do I think I’ve changed. 

Well…perhaps “change” isn’t the right word. My face is my face, no matter what age I’m at or what my body is gestating. After all there’s only about 7ish months between the 5 week photo and the 33 week photo. So I’ll say this. I feel like I look much more mature

Pregnancy changed my body in so many ways I couldn’t see coming, but I’m not upset about it. It’s also changed me in other ways too. The most important thing is that I feel so much more confident. I don’t worry so much about my looks or what people think of me and because of that I feel like I’m just…better. Having a baby was my adult upgrade package. I care more about my job and what it means for my family, and I care about applying myself and being successful at it. Going after a supervisor position is more than just a better paycheque for me. It’s about learning, improving, and applying myself to something I know I’m capable of. The difference between now and then (because I tried this before) is that I feel absolutely confident that I can do it. 

I’m not afraid of getting older. I turn 28 on Thursday and while I’m not in a rush to live my life, I can’t help but think “Jeez! I’m not 30 yet?”. I already feel like I am anyway. A lot of my friends are in their 30’s now and frankly, I’m excited about hitting the big three oh! I remember when I was a kid, 30 seemed so old and it was all downhill once you got there. Well, au contraire, my adolescent self, 30 is something to look forward to!! I could even go so far as to say I’m looking forward to 50, but that entirely depends on the state of my health and how well I take care of myself. 

Anyway, the whole point of this post is that even though I’m only  turning 28, and I’ve only had one baby etc, I have noticed how I have changed even from my early 20’s to now. And I don’t know if it’s supposed to be so noticeable or if I’m actually taking the time to think about it or the fact that I’m enjoying this aging process makes a difference, either way I know it’s not going to stop or even slow down and I’m totally cool with that. 


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