a tiny rant

Today is a day that I wish for more simple things. And when I say simple, I mean not causing me stress. My tablet is being so laggy today that I simply turned it off (not just sleep, but OFF) and put it away. I was looking at my Facebook all from the week and noticed that nobody liked or commented on any of my posts except for a small handful. Sooo…why do I have a Facebook again? Social media is only gratifying when you KNOW that people are reading and reacting to it. Otherwise, what is the damn point? I really want to shut my Facebook account down, but by doing so that means saying goodbye to the mommy group I’ve been with since I got pregnant 2 years ago. They’ve been great support for dealing with baby things that I am unfamiliar with. Right now, for example, I’m navigating through the mother of all colds/teething to the point where Hannah’s getting a high fever and not eating. I just want to throw my questions out there rather than do hours of googling for a general consensus on what to do.

But is it enough to keep the best worst time waster in internet history? Recently I’ve been pondering (a lot) what life was like before Facebook….or before I really started using it. I think it was better. Yeah…I was more resourceful with my time, trying to find ways to keep myself entertained. Maybe I watched more TV, or read more books. Either way, TODAY Facebook is a nuisance and I want to be rid of it…like that little stain on the floor that’s been there forever and a day because you just haven’t bothered to clean it up, yet you look at it everyday and let it bother you and think “I should just clean it up” but instead walk away and become distracted by something else until you see it again as you walk by.

I’m telling you I’d even go as far as to get rid of my iPhone and go back to a regular cell, good for only calls and texts. My friends, Sarah and Angela, I completely appreciate your hesitation to upgrade. If you’ve lived this long without a smart phone, chances are you’ll never need one. They’re soul suckers.


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