Happy Mother’s Day! I got as little bit spoiled this year when my lovely Mother-in-law decided to buy me a bread maker.


I don’t think I could be grateful enough. It totally took me by surprise and she even suggested the Cuisinart, which was the one I wanted. Admittedly I did not do any research on bread machines at all, but generally speaking Cuisinart is a reliable brand, not budget, and they have a three year warranty. I’m using it right now, too. I couldn’t wait until morning to try it out. I already bought organic whole wheat flour from Donald’s Market earlier today and I found a simple recipe online for a bread machine. I found out the hard way that if I want to make whole wheat bread on the regular I’ll have to get vital wheat gluten, so in the mean time I’m making this recipe which uses honey to keep the loaf sweet and moist. I especially love the fact that I can make bread at ten o’clock at night and just let it do its thing. Tomorrow I’ll wake up to a loaf of bread that is fresh as. Also, I must add that I’m completely tickled by the fact that hubby is just as excited about homemade bread as I am. I feel justified, lol. But then again, what’s not to love about something fresh, simple, and delicious.


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