less stress

Being away from work, save for a handful of shifts, these past couple of weeks has been absolutely delightful. My stress level has gone down considerably, I’m not as cranky or irritated by people around me. Sure, Hannah presses my buttons here and there, but that comes with the territory of being a mom and it’s a job I’m loving more than anything…except, maybe, my hubby for making all of it possible.

The weather has been phenomenal to boot. Temperature is in the mid 20’s and I’ve been getting my tan on whether I like it or not…which I love! No doubt the boost in vitamin D is helping me feel more relaxed, too. I’ve been taking Hannah to Moody Park while Uptown a couple of times this week and I kept wishing the parks department would just turn the spray park on already. Well! I took her to Queen’s Park to play in the sand for a bit and their spray park is up and running! Huzzah! The only thing that can make this weather more awesome is having cool water to play with. I’m really looking forward to June when the outdoor pool opens up as well. It’s going to be a fabulous summer!

I’ll have to try taking more pictures of Hannah’s summer fun, and hopefully branch out of New West every now and then and take her other places, like Stanley Park, or even just Central Park in Burnaby, which has a really sweet playground with an epic sandbox and small spray park included.

Even if we don’t get out of New West all that often, I’m noticing that this city has much to offer for parents and children, something that has come to my attention now that I have a child of my own to entertain. My pre-child days seem so far away and a little surreal now, but I do remember not giving a rat’s ass about New West then. I was all about taking the Skytrain downtown and going my favourite haunts, like the Starbucks at Robson and Thurlow, or walking the Coal Harbour seawall (which, I must remind myself, is something I can still do with a toddler). But now that I have a child I prefer to stay closer to home, especially when my world revolves around that coveted nap time. I’ll have to make some plans with my sweet Mother-in-law to come with and we can have a fun girl’s day two or three times a month, whatever she can manage with her schedule.

In the meantime, I hope to use this stay-at-home-mom time to tackle little project around the apartment like cleaning and reorganizing, try some meal planning. I think this summer is going to be a scorcher and our apartment gets stifling. I’m convinced there is zero insulation between our inner walls and the outer walls, plus our windows are single pane and old. We have a portable AC and it helps, but it doesn’t cool our place down quite enough since it only really cools down the living room. It’s the only downside to summer I don’t look forward to: feeling like my home is a cave trying to keep the heat out. Not to mention making dinner is a hassle because the heat of the oven only makes the place hotter. I just had an epiphany, though. Slow cooker meals, pre made in the freezer. Every day I can just take something out, throw it in the slow cooker and let it go without adding much extra heat the apartment.


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