going au naturelle

I’ve signed up for 100happydays! It was on a whim, but they make it easy by letting you choose how to share your pictures. I chose Instagram because it’s what I use anyway and it posts to Facebook on my behalf. I know I have a lot to be happy for, but this will push me to actually pick it out of my day and capture it. So, if you care, watch my Instagram feed. I started today with a selfie of Hannah and myself.  Anyhoo…

I’m becoming more and more crunchy by the day. My enthusiasm for doing everything homemade keeps growing. Over the weekend I made 4 freezer meals for the crock pot from 2 recipes. One of them called for tomato sauce and suggested 15 ounce jars to avoid the potential BPA hazard of cans. I took it one step further and just made tomato sauce myself. I scored big, too, when it came to buying the tomatoes. I was able to buy 15-18 perfectly good tomatoes for $3 because they were on clearance. So I got enough sauce for my recipe, plus enough to make a pasta sauce for dinner that night. 

I really want to either eliminate or severely reduce my exposure to toxins through every day things, so lately I’ve been thinking about how far I really want to take it. I don’t trust a lot of store bought brands anymore, especially the ones that say “natural” and are cheap. I’ve been checking out the Cosmetics Database quite a lot recently, just doing some basic research on popular stuff and stuff I’ve been eyeballing as a potentially healthier option to switch to. The site is cool because you can search a particular beauty product and it gives it a number and color rating. 0-2 is green and means it’s completely safe, 3-6 is yellow and means it contains SOME toxic ingredients in smaller amounts, and 7-10 is red meaning it’s riddled with toxic ingredients.

I found out my Cover Girl mascara is a 7, so it has been removed from my makeup collection. I rarely wear makeup anymore anyway. I love the feeling of going without. My face feels better, I can touch and rub my face and eyes without worry of smudging, and I have nothing to hide. My skin looks pretty deese, and it’s my face whether you like it or not. I might replace my mascara with this one eventually, but face powder is out even though I have this one. I just don’t need to cover anything and I’m getting a wicked tan from all the sun so my complexion is awesome. 

I’ve stopped using antiperspirant. Actually I stopped using it a while ago. I was using a deo crystal for a while, but started wondering if health blogs have had anything to say about it as a healthier product, and sadly it’s not that much better. There is still one form or another of aluminum in them. Other than the wide array of minerals our bodies need to function, aluminum has no business being in our bodies whatsoever. So I had to scrap the crystal. Instead I’m using Lafe’s. By the end of the day I can be pretty ripe despite the deodorant, but I don’t blame the product for not working. I sweat when I take Hannah out, I sweat at work from raised stress levels. Heck, I sweat just getting out of the shower. If anything the smell is a good sign that I’m purging toxins and I’ve come to realize that smelling a bit like BO at the end of the day is totally and completely normal. Besides, I shower every day and nobody’s getting so close that they’re sniffing my armpits. If anyone did I’d be a little creeped out. But, honestly, I’d rather smell a little more human than a bouquet of flowers while clogging my pits with aluminum. 

Right now, I’m having a hard time with finding a decent shampoo that falls in the 0-2 range. Even the ones that claim to be all natural like Burt’s Bees and Nature’s Gate still rate in the 4-6 range in the database. So I’ve decided to invest a little money into Morrocco Method because they are 0 in the database and I’m very curious as to how it would make my hair feel. Right now I’m using Dove and I don’t like the fact that it’s a 5. I have my eyes set on this shampoo instead. And I want to start using their henna for my red tones too. 

Anyway, more crunchy, natural living stuff coming later too. For now, I must turn my attention to chores! Huzzah! 


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