mobile headache

To be honest, you don’t really need to read this post. I’m just going to blather away about something that is likely not very exciting: my cell phone and provider. 

I am with Telus and they are expensive. A rip off, really. For $35 a month I get 150 minutes, umlimited texting, evenings starting at 6pm, voicemail, and call display. No data. And that is the cheapest I can go while on a contract. It’s pathetic. I’m bored with my phone too, which sounds like so superficial I hate admitting to myself that I’m sick of it. It’s an iPhone 4S, so it’s not bad, but I’m tired of Apple. I have an Android tablet and I like the OS better, but they both offer features that I can’t be bothered with. I like to keep things as simple as possible. All the features make everything seem so convoluted, but the idea of having all that capability makes me feel better for some reason, like once in a blue moon some feature that I never use will come in handy. At the end of the day all I’m really after is a new toy to play with, which doesn’t sound like a very good excuse at all. 

But I’ve been crunching numbers today. Phone aside, I’m not happy with the monthly value. Since I work for London Drugs I can get a 25% discount on a monthly plan with Koodo, which means I could get much MORE for the same price. With Telus, if I want to add data to my plan it will cost $15 for 150MB. Can we say ripoff? I’m never going to pay $50 a month just to have 150MB of data. I was paying $50 a month when I was a new customer for 500MB of data. That discrepancy is huge in my opinion and, frankly, the fact that the prices of monthly plans are offering less these days makes me angry. Now that having a cell phone is essential these days the providers have taken it upon themselves to gouge their customers because they know they will be sucker enough to pay for it. 

I mean, what is up with this $70-80 monthly minimum to have an S4/5 or iPhone on contract? And, of course, what I just mentioned above, these plans hardly offer anything. Well sure they offer more talking minutes, but that’s not what I care about. Nobody calls me unless they have to. I mostly text and use wifi. At the end of the day I don’t really need data on my phone since we have Shaw at home and I can use their hotspots, but the fact that I’m paying $35 for only 150 minutes is ridiculous. 

The only problem I’m facing right now is that fact that if I leave Telus for Koodo, where my money will get me more services and I can use that opportunity to change my phone, I’m still going to have to fork out $200 to cancel my contract. So the question is: is it worth it? At this point in my contract, not really. I could make my monthly plan including discount and all that with Koodo match what I’m paying at Telus, which would mean I’d still pay the same over the next 10 months, but that also means I’m paying that extra $200. I really want to stop giving my money to Telus though. Because they’re plans suck so much I don’t think they deserve my money. 

It just seems counter productive to try to save money on my monthly plan when I’m forking out for an OLD device. The cheapest option I have right now is doing nothing. The second cheapest option is upgrading with Telus and using my iPhone toward a trade-in discount. However, if I did that, then my new phone would demand that I pay a higher monthly rate, because that’s how Telus operates. 

So let’s see…over the next 10 months I could pay $550 if my plan stayed the same. Or if I went with Koodo and got the cheapest plan possible, plus the Tab Medium for the phone I would choose it would be $468. An $82 difference. Not even that is worth it, is it?

The other thing I need to consider is that Nate’s phone is in rough shape. His screen is shattered from being dropped, so if anyone needs a new phone it’s him. He says his contract is nearly up, but I’m not sure when that’s going to happen. 

Ack! It’s so frustrating how much I care about my stupid cell phone and what kind I have. I don’t even want to use it, at least not like other people do, which is constantly. I just want to use it for it’s basic purposes plus Songza and the occasional web browsing when I need it, not because I’m bored. 

Anyway, for now I’m not going to do anything, but I just needed to get this (as silly as it is) off my chest. One thing I know for sure is, I’m switching to Koodo when the time is right to take advantage of the employer discount. 



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