Lately I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic. in some ways I feel like I’m reconnecting with my childhood a little. I say “lately” because I’ve been keeping up with Viz Media’s re-release of the original Sailor Moon anime series. Well, they bought the rights very recently and have re-subbed all the episodes and are released two every Monday online. So I’ve been keeping up with that. I am definitely looking forward to their re-dubbed version as well with a whole new cast as well. Plus (this has nothing to do with my nostalgia per se) there is going to be a Sailor Moon reboot with all new animation, but I think the voice actors will be the same. I read an article saying that it will run closer to the manga series and be much shorter at 26 episodes compared to the original anime’s 200. 

Sailor Moon holds a little special place in my heart as a child. Sure the dubbed version aired on YTV was kinda crap. They ruined the translation and edited episodes to make it more “appropriate” for North American standards in children’s television, but I was 10 years old. It made no difference to me. And I absolutely LOVED it. I loved the concept, I loved the romanticism, I loved the characters, and if I was able to watch it both consistently and consecutively I probably would have loved the plot as a whole. I remember cramming in an episode right before leaving for school in the morning. If I saw it on the TV listings I’d be watching it. My friend even made up her own superheros, suspiciously similar to the Sailor Moon crew, that we all played along and had fun with. 

Then the internet showed up. And when I was 12 years old I’d spend hours online combing the internet for Sailor Moon fandom. I learned about the manga, and would listen to my favorite CD while oggling the manga art. To this day I still think the manga art is beautiful. It’s a very romantic series and the art definitely reflects that in the style and watercolors used. I can’t remember at what point in my high school life (grade 10ish, I think?) I printed as much SM manga as I could and put it on the cover of my school work binder. My love of Sailor Moon opened me up to other anime, and I while I was fairly cut off in what type of media I had access to in Saudi Arabia in 1999, I remember staying up until 3 or 4 am looking at anime/manga art for various series, trying to download video clips, music, etc. The schedule and that much time spent on the net was terrible, to be sure, but a benefit to staying up so late was that I’d beat the 10 hour time difference and be able to chat with my friends back home on MSN Messenger or (get this!) ICQ. 

Back then I was also into other stuff too, like vampires and dark stuff, not because I was morbid or a disturbed child. I thought it was pretty. I didn’t seek gore, I sought after the cool stuff. Yes, I went through a witchcraft phase. Today I went through a box that had some old yearbooks and binders that I haven’t bothered to look at in many many years. My mom ended up with the box at one point and she eventually pawned it back off to me and it’s been moved from closet to closet. I’ve been in a cleaning mode lately so I decided to look through it. I found old stories that either I or friends had written, including an original short story assignment, graded no less, by another classmate. The strange part is that I wasn’t even friends with her. So how I ended up with it is a mystery. I also found an envelope of old pictures of me and my grandparents when I was kid, sleepover pictures from high school, and some professional grad pictures. It’s a shame I found it all on a Friday because I have an envelope full of throwback material for Thursdays now, lol. 

I also found a binder full of old Uncanny X-Men comics. I totally forgot about my X-Men phase. I read a few novels and tried to get into the comics. I remember I was able to buy them at 7/11. One thing I found amusing about glancing at these issues was that they cost less than $3 each back in ’98/’99. I don’t know what comics cost nowadays, but I bet it’s more like $5 or $6 per issue. 

Anyway I cleaned up some of it, kept some of it. I might look into seeing whether my comics have any value. I don’t need to keep them. Sometimes it’s hard to throw away old things. When looking at it I get flooded with a sentimentality, but then I also think I had totally forgotten about it so why do I need to keep it? The thing is with throwing away old stuff is that once it’s gone it’s really gone. I suppose in the grand scheme it doesn’t matter at all, but looking back and seeing my hand writing when I was 13 years old reminds me of who I was and who I was trying to be. It makes me realize how much I’ve changed, so much so that I feel like a totally different person. It’s sad to try to remember who I was as a kid/teen, so the reminders make me feel more connected. I know it’s the past and we should always be moving forward, but that doesn’t mean we should forget who we once were, right? 


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