Last night WordPress ate my post. I spent an hour writing it, an hour that is so precious at night and not to be wasted. After the child has gone to bed I must choose carefully how I want to spend that magical time of peace and quiet, that hour or two between when the kitchen is clean and I’m ready to turn off for the day. 

I’ll watch something on the TV either with or without Nate, depending on what I’m watching. I’ll stretch and listening to music. I’ll sit in bed and read. I’ll blog. I’ll hang out with neighbors. I’ll play games on my phone. Whatever I choose to do it’s ME time and it’s crucial to my sanity now that I have a child. 

I know, I kind of make it sound like a rarely ever spend time with Nate. I actually spend more time watching TV with him than anything else. I just wish we had a better couch for more comfortable snuggling. To be honest (and this is coming to me right now on the spot), I’d really like to take on a date-night-every-other-week kinda schedule, two dates a month with dinner and whatever else, probably a movie because movies are fun and I feel old and have no energy for super late nights. I’m mean, even if my dear mother-in-law isn’t able to make it out, it’s mostly putting Hannah to bed and just hanging out making sure that Hannah stays asleep, which she does because she’s awesome that way. So, really, babysitting is a breeze. 

My enthusiasm for reading comes and goes. Despite the fact that I’m in the middle of City of Heavenly Fire and loving it, I’m having a hard time choosing to read it over anything else because there’s something in my brain that’s trying to convince me that I just don’t want to read right now. So it’s been an uphill battle, BUT I always seem to have a book on the go and I try my best to push through it, especially if I find it very engaging. 

So, my precious happy hour was wasted, BUT I will survive. After all, my baby sleeps so well that every night is a good night and I can always try again. 


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