a routine shift

Hannah’s routine is shifting, and for the better.  It means that I have to adjust my own routine as well, but it means getting in a nap. Or perhaps it’s just the weather 😛 

This past week, though, Hannah’s been getting in earlier naps before I’ve ever had the chance to get out the door. Today, as well as Tuesday, my plans we foiled by a nap that made itself clearly known. But I’m okay with that. Getting in a nap at home means a longer nap. It means quiet time for me. It means I have time to do whatever I want, except go out, of course. 

This week has been quite wonderful, actually. Communication between me and Hannah has improved tremendously. Not only is she talking more and more and learning how to express herself through words, but I am also learning to take a step back from whatever it is I’m doing and paying more attention to her. It’s paying off. She’s less frustrated, therefore I’m less frustrated because she’s calmer. I’m also feeling less stressed over feeling stretched too thin between giving her attention and trying to do whatever it is I’m doing. 

Besides that my mood lifted this week too. This also means that time of the month is right around the corner, and I can always gauge my moods on my cycle like clockwork. I’m very predictable that way and I like it. If I’m feeling a certain way both physically and emotionally, or my body does something physiologically. I know why. I have an explanation that is both reasonable AND temporary. I take comfort in knowing that whatever my body is going through, it will pass. Knowing, of course, that it might happen again the next month, but the reprieve makes me embrace my good feelings all the more.

And so, this week I started feeling good again. I wasn’t necessarily grumpy per se, but the feelings weren’t all too positive either. I started feeling fat again, maybe even a little ugly. I felt an intense boredom, and sense of brooding that I hate. It’s always what I wish I could avoid during that good ol’ luteal phase. 

Finally this week my body is taking a break from its usual aches, meaning it’s decided to stop thanks to whatever I have or have not been doing. Recently my feet and legs were giving me issue, despite wearing my orthotics. My chiro and I chalked it up to my choice in shoes, which still play a vital role in foot health regardless of whether arches are supported or not. I tend to choose shoes that lack cushioning and, therefore, lack shock absorption which leads to more inflammation. Now, I don’t think I’ve cut back on the amount of walking I do. I’m still going out with Hannah, walking to work, and walking home from work (except I have been getting a ride home at night under the specific intention of letting my body rest after standing for 4 hours) on the weekends. At any rate, I don’t think anything has changed, except my hormone levels, and my food intake. 

Speaking of, there was a week where I was eating a lot more junk that I have been in the past months. I gave into my craving and ate fast food, more that once, maybe even more than twice. I can’t remember. Either way, I noticed the effects. I broke out and it wouldn’t go away. I was sweating a lot too because the weather was really hot (for Vancouver, anyway), but if I was full of toxins being purged through my sweat, you bet all that crap on the way out via sweat glands is going to irritate my skin. I was also bloated and generally uncomfortable. How DO people eat fast food all the time? I just can’t do it any more. I bring a mass produced burger to my face knowing full well the consequences that will come of it later. At the time I either don’t care or just want it THAT badly. But I’m all about indulgence in moderation. I don’t eat fast food all the time, so when the time comes that I do crave that burger I’m just gonna go for it. The hard part is in not thinking “Hey! I eat well all the time, I can get away with having more fast food because I want it.” Of course I want it. Hook, line and sinker…just don’t fall for the “shiny things” more than once because the chances of getting off the hook the second time is less than the first. 

Alas, I digress. The point I was trying to make was that my changed my diet back to my usual fare and I feel much better. 

Sooner than I expected I’ve stepped away from the TV again, and with the except of blogging here (because I’m feeling a strong affinity for writing lately), I’m feeling less and less attracted to social media. The things I want to see aren’t appearing as frequently as I’m checking it. The rest is filler, pages I follow or blogs that post 30 times a day with stuff that doesn’t necessarily interest me. In short, the internet is getting boring again. At first I was becoming more interested in articles posted by pages like Elite Daily or Buzzfeed, but even after a while it just gets monotonous, like  “Yep, yep, yep, same shit, different day.” So I’ve been turning back to books again. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my reading enthusiasm comes and goes, well it’s back again, thank goodness. I always feel better mentally when I’m reading, less fog and all that, than when I’m watching hours of TV. 

On that note. I will take advantage of this nap and continue by book. But yeah, this week has been a good one :3


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