waiting for autumn

You might think I’m crazy, or maybe you’re an autumn baby like myself, but I’m getting tired of summer. I think saying “sick” is a bit of an exaggeration. One does not get “sick” of good weather when one lives in a very temperate climate that has 4 seasons. Summer is a treat, a short lived one at that. However, sweating every day and feeling gross and uncomfortable becomes tiresome. And I’ve reached that threshold. 

A week (or maybe it was two now?) ago we had a nice reprieve. It rained off and on for a few days, the temperature turned itself down enough that we could leave the AC off. In fact, I even felt cold at one point and used a blanket whilst sitting on the couch. *legasp* It was such a nice break though. I got to wear jeans again, which I miss. I got to wear my new sweater; a real gem of a find at my local Salvation Army. I tried to wear a fashion scarf, but it was still a tad too warm for that. Alas, it was great. Nay, it was just what I needed to stop sweating for more than 24 hours. 

I am an autumn baby. Born in October it is always the time of year that I favor most; and I swear my birthday has nothing to do with it 😉 I’m old enough to be over the requisite gift giving that comes with birthdays, but I’ll never get over the changing seasons. I love the cool crispness that comes into the air and that perfect balance of temperature that is not too warm nor too cold; a time when one can wear a sweater AND a scarf and never overheat but maybe get a slight chill if the wind is right. The only thing that makes me sad about autumn is saying goodbye to leaves and greenery, but the color changes are to behold!

So here I wait for autumn. But I do try not to put too much energy into wishing summer away because I know that when it becomes cold enough for a jacket or coat I will wish that it was warmer again.  


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