a very unsatisfying addiction

I have taken a step back from social media these past few days and I’m really noticing how much it fills my life. 

A few days ago I was feeling a little bummed because nobody was giving me any feedback on my Facebook posts. It’s been going on for a while and I’ve been mostly able to tell myself that it doesn’t matter. However, the only posts people DO care about the ones with Hannah, which is great, but I’ve taken a back stage position on my own Facebook account and so I wonder; why do I even use Facebook anymore? Oh but it’s a tool to stay in touch! Stay in touch with whom, exactly if everyone seems to just skim over what I post like it’s just more news feed filler? Well, I suppose in some ways it is, and I don’t want to sound too petty, but I’m about ready to just leave Facebook behind. I’m not getting anything out of it, except keeping up with a very select few. If I had the guts I could whittle my friends list back to maybe 10-15 people tops, keeping family and the friends that matter in my life. 

Besides, I’m under the impression that not a lot of people are using Facebook anymore either. Most of my news feed are pages, and not all of my pages either. It’s dominated by only a few because Facebook has this lame algorithm that favors pages that you actually provide feedback to, OR they’re the most popular pages collectively and so Facebook assumes that I would want to see all of their posts too. So my feed is flooded with I Fucking Love Science and Upworthy, which is great and all, but that’s ALL I see along with a few other pages that I could probably could on one hand. 

So basically the Facebook experience is lame. I’d rather get people on Instagram (or Eye Em/Flickr if I really wanted to boycott the Facebook corporation). I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, that despite how lame Facebook is, I can’t help but find myself on it checking my feed just because I can. It’s a bloody addiction, truly! I check Facebook everyday the same amount as a smoker who steps out for a cigarette. So, it’s a problem. It’s distracting, wholly and completely so. And I get nothing out of it except a couple of updates now and then that I’m glad to have caught in the mess that is my feed. I know I could personalize my feed, but is Facebook so important that I do that? Wouldn’t it just be healthier to drop it? 

So, back to my first statement. I’ve been on it sparingly the past few days and I’ve really noticed how much it has taken up my daily life because the times when I opt not to be on it because I’m doing nothing for the moment I feel this intense boredom instead. It was like that when I stopped smoking too, hence the smoking addiction comparison. My daily routines are being affected much the same way. It’s even affecting my internet usage. Whenever I’m sitting at the computer and I open a new tab and I have this impulse to automatically go to Facebook. 

And so, like when I quit smoking, I did so because it had become an active problem, not a passive one where I got quite sick and despite antibiotics my body wouldn’t get better. So I kicked it. Clearly Facebook is a problem for me, a very unsatisfying addiction, so I must kick it. Perhaps not permanently, but I would benefit greatly with restricting it to as much as only once a week. 


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