return of the baby carrier

Over the past several days I’ve gotten into baby carrying again. I know, she’s two. She seems a little old to do that now, right? Not really.

I have a Beco Gemini and I gotta say it’s pretty fantastic. You can wear it 4 different ways, including a hip carry, and when Hannah was just a baby I found that one to be handy around the house because she wasn’t so directly in front of me that I could still do things. I know that there are parents out there who totally disagree with the forward facing carry, and so do I to some degree, BUT it’s all about leg position and support. The Baby Bjorns are terrible because they only support the baby from the hips and just let their legs dangle there. However, the Gemini keeps their knees supported even when they’re forward facing, so really their legs are in the same position whether they’re facing you or out. Hannah liked facing out once she reached that age of wonder and curiosity. I can’t remember when that was…6ish months, I guess? 

Like most carriers it can support up to 35 lbs. I wish I could justify buying a Soleil at this stage in the game because it goes up to 45 lbs, but whatever. Hannah’s pushing 30 lbs, but she’s probably 28 or 29. Come to think of it, I really don’t know. Last time I weighed her she was a little over 26 lbs, which surprised me. She felt heavier. Anyway, it’s still perfectly reasonable to carry her, and the best part? She LOVES it! I try to get her to walk, because a huge benefit to not having a stroller with me is that I feel like I have more control over her when we’re walking. But she lazes out half way and tells me she wants to be on my back! Ha! So far, when she’s being uncooperative she hasn’t fought me when I resort to putting her back in the carrier either. She’s fallen asleep once, and other times she’ll just rest her head on my back and the snuggles are just wonderful. If my thoughts are stuck on something sour she snaps me right out of it and I just enjoy the light, warm pressure of her little head between my shoulder blades. 

Now, carrying all that extra weight. Heh…about that. I’ve been getting a proper workout with my walks while carrying her. Imagine taking a walk with a backpack full of anything to make it equate to roughly 30 lbs. I’m feeling it the next day, but I can tell I’m also getting better. At first it was my hip flexors. Today it’s the back of my left knee. Proper footwear is imperative when carrying around all that extra weight. Yesterday I made the mistake of wearing the wrong shoes and now I’m suffering the consequences. Previously I’ve worn my running shoes and I felt fine after, other than the hip flexors, of course. 

The one thing I’m noticing as well, is that the carrier is acting like a back stretcher. I’m trying my best not to hunch over to displace her weight OVER my back because my core muscles are weak. Instead I’m trying to use the carrier to maintain straight posture and strengthen my core. I do feel as though the pull of the straps have opened up my shoulders in the front. I feel like I can stand up straight on my own, which is fantastic because the past couple of days prior I felt like my body was stuck in a hunched over state. Poor posture is my undoing, folks! I could exercise all I want, but if I do not fix my alignment all that exercise wouldn’t mean a thing! It is why I value yoga and ballet over other forms of exercise. It’s all about posture, holding it, communicating to your body to become familiar with it so that it carries over into your daily life. 

But, I digress! I’m really, really enjoying baby wearing again. The only two downsides to it are having to carry an extra bag with snacks and whatnot, and not being able to pick up groceries, unless I want to carry them all plus a toddler, home. I tried yesterday with just one bag of produce and it wasn’t very fun. So I’m going to have to choose my grocery days, but I’m happy with the idea of only taking the stroller because I need it for purposes other than carrying my child. Not having a stroller feels so liberating, and the closeness I get with Hannah by carrying her is so much more rewarding than pushing her around. Dare I say I feel like we’ve bonded a bit these past few days :3

**Note: This is not an affiliated post. I provided links so you know what I’m talking about. That is all 🙂 


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