it’s coming…dreaming of wearing boots, and other fall things

This morning I can really feel autumn creeping in. The air has a chill to it. A nice chill, mind you, but a chill nonetheless. I had to keep all of my body under the blanket in the early morning because I would get cold immediately. It’s so refreshing. 

I’m a huge fan of bundling up. I can’t even explain why. I just love the idea of layering and feeling cozy. I suppose to some degree everyone is like that if they’ve grown up in a temperate climate with seasons, but I’m sure their are people who pace all winter thinking,  I cannot wait to shed all this clothing! Bikini’s FTW! I can’t wrap my head around that. Give me sweaters, scarves, and jeans any day!

I’m even getting excited about boots, mostly because this is the year that I must buy new ones and new boots are always nice. I’m an Ugg girl. I love their boots and some of their other shoes are cute too. I know they’re boots aren’t good for rain or foot support, but I had put my orthotics in my old pair and they became all the more comfortable. As for the rain issue, well, I spray them down regularly and brush out the suede. I take care of them. My Uggs lasted me 3 years, though last winter I didn’t wear them as much because I’ve worn a hole through the toe and the draft from such a tiny hole was quite noticeable. I did love them a lot though. They went with my whole wardrobe, they were the coziest things I had even owned. And usually the body can regulate its heat better when the feet are warm. I’d rather wear a thinner sweater with super cozy boots than a super thick one with flats that leave my feet cold. 

Anyway, it is T-minus 4 days until the release of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. They are releasing it a bit earlier this year, which is great, but at the same time I like my seasonal things to coincide with the season its a part of so that I don’t get sick of it too quickly. However, having said that I’m eager to get to the store and buy some pumpkin puree so that I can make some homemade pumpkin scones. My local grocery store has already received pallets of squash as well. Yesterday I was able to buy a couple of delicata squashes, our favorite. They are organic too, which is great, and I got proof of that by bringing home a little green caterpillar. I decided to keep him and house him in my little plant. I don’t even care if he eats the leaves. It’s only one caterpillar and he’ll either go through a pupa stage and move on, or die so he’s hardly a threat to the plant. 

And, of course we’re at that point in the season where it’s cooler in the winter, but the sun still comes out to shine. I wonder if I can get away with wearing jeans today. 


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