Oh good! I made it back here, haha. I was standing in the kitchen making my usual bedtime milk and realized that I hadn’t given blogging a second thought. I’ve been thinking about writing. I’ve had this story churning in my head for a couple of weeks now, but it’s not really getting anywhere. I’ve been mostly focusing on two people and changing their story over and over, modifying it that it sounds less cheesy. And also ironing out certain details that would affect this apparent story as a whole. If I had the discipline and a clear idea I’d buckle down and write a bloody novel, but, alas, I have neither.

In fact, I’ve been in that weird limbo place I get sometimes where there’s no one activity I was to put all my energy into. I’ve been feeling rather exhausted the past few days anyway. I worked two days in a row *dramatic gasp* for the first time in many weeks, and as pathetic as that may sound my whole routine has been thrown. I can handle it, but my body not so much.

I’m still crazy about knitting. I even found a pattern that I’m dying to do, but requires $150 in yarn. My focus has been on buying boots (as per a previous post I’ve written), which is I finally did today, and saving money. So as much as I would LOVE to splurge on that much yarn and make the sweater of my dreams, I must be patient. I finished my cowl and it’s a lovely piece. I only made two mistakes: a little bundle of stitches that got messed up while I was starting a new ball of yarn, but isn’t that noticeable, and I bound off too tighly so one end has incredible stretch and the other does not. It’s still very wearable when doubled up like an infinity scarf and it does feel like it’s choking me a bit, however a cowl is not a scarf and, tight cast off or not, it will feel that way until it relaxes from wear and I get used to it. The alpaca wool heavenly, I might add.


Not bad, right? I’m just waiting for my tapestry needles to come in the mail so I can weave in my ends. All eight of them 😛

I’ve also knit a sweater for the french press and have tried many many times to make another for a mug, but I just keep messing it up so I unravel and try again. But now I’m just taking a break. The practice is good, I’ll give it that, but doing the same pattern over and over is tiresome and I’d hate to get sick of knitting just as fast as I learned how to do it. So in the meantime I’m going to psych myself up for making my hat for when I get my interchangeable circular needle kit. Basically, I have a very tiny stash, but enough to allow me to make little things like a hat, boot cuffs, or gloves and maybe attempt socks. They are all expensive natural fibres like baby camel and mink, though, so I have to make them count. I think I’d like to make gloves out of the baby camel if I can find a pattern I like.

So with all the knitting I’ve put reading on the back burner, which I can’t help but feel slightly guilty about. Isn’t that weird and completely silly? At least until Wednesday when I went down to the library to return all the Sailor Moon manga I still had and was due. Just as I was about to leave I decided to take a quick jaunt through the new book section right beside the entrance/exit. These are moments that I absolutely love; when you see something you had no knowledge of previously, but know what it is and can have it immediately. I stumbled across Daniel H. Wilson’s sequel to Robopocalypse called Robogenesis. I had no idea he had written a sequel, but I knew the basis of it because I had read Robopocalypse and loved it, and it was sitting right there on the shelf waiting for me to take it out. So I left a happy camper, having signed it out knowing full well I still haven’t finished Divergent, let alone the trilogy, and I have a huge reading list as it is. But I didn’t care.

For the record, it’s not that I’m not enjoying Divergent, but I’ve been much distracted and haven’t picked it up in a while anyway AND I’ve seen the movie and feel like I pretty much know how it’s going to end anyway so I feel no urgency. I’ll finish it eventually. Robogenesis is only one book, not a series or anything.

Well, like I said before, I’m very tired so I’m going to pack it in earlier than usual. A whole half hour earlier. Better than nothing, amiright?


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