oh so tired

Yesterday I was more tired than I had ever been in a long time. I worked from 8-2 and then went to my friends’ daughter’s first birthday party at the park, followed by going home and sitting on the couch and knitting for a few. That was only the second time I got to sit down. All. Day. My legs were in pain. At first it was stress I could feel down into my tendons and ligaments. My left knee was certainly not happy. Then after I sat for a bit it settled into an ache in my bones. Not fun, my friends. Not fun. Nate went to a work party and I was left with magoo, so I fed her dinner, put her to bed (which was really good about, thank goodness!), took a shower and went straight to bed to knit and read. I was out by 10. By TEN!

I’ve been tired all week. It shouldn’t really matter why. All I should do is make sure I get enough sleep and eat well so help my body cope. But, I’m curious about these things and whenever something is off I always like to pinpoint what’s causing it, so I speculate. I think I’ve been a little overzealous with the coffee, too much caffeinated coffee anyway. I’m getting that afternoon/evening crash, and I’m simply drinking too much caffeine. I used to get by with little to no caffeine and feel great. I prided myself on not being sucked into the whole culture of “I feel like a bag of shit! Time for my 10th cup of coffee to bounce back!” I’m not drinking 10 cups, but 3 is excessive to me and my poor, little caffeine ridden body. I’m remedying that by drinking half caf in the morning, though. I do like a little caffeine pick me up in the morning, so half caf is just right.

As I was writing out the last paragraph something else dawned on me. Perhaps I’m underestimating how exhausting knitting can be as a whole. That may sound ridiculous. After all I’m only just sitting there and working with my hands, how could it possibly make me feel bone tired. Hear me out. Maybe it’s not the sole reason, but I think it’s contributing. When I knit my hands get really tense holding the needles (my tension in the knitting is good though, hah!), and I use my whole arm to yarn over the needle every single stitch because I don’t have the finger movements down that you see advanced knitters use. You know, that motion all in their hands that goes so fast you wonder how they’re even knitting at all. My grandmother knits like that because she’s been doing it for so long. Anyway, I feel it in my forearms and in my right shoulder because I’ve become a right side knitter. I can feel it in my hands even now while typing, and my forearms could stand for regular stretching. So, to my point. I think because my body is working hard to recuperate from all that tension it bogs me down, like my legs, which brings me to my next idea.

Work. Work isn’t exhausting because I deal with people or handle cash, or because it’s work and it’s supposed to be. It’s exhausting because I’m standing, for 4 to 8 hours. And I’m terrible at not sitting on my breaks sometimes. In fact, I’m having an issue with my standing these days. There is a stress mat where I stand at work and I suspect that it’s too squishy. It changes my alignment and puts extra stress on my legs. I really feel it in my knees. I think perhaps my orthotics have something to do with it also since I only wear them at work and those change my alignment as well, so sometimes I’ll take my shoes off and work in my socks, but often it doesn’t help that much. I really feel better when I step off the customer service desk and onto the hard floor. Interesting, isn’t it? Anyway I’m going to talk to my management about fixing the mat situation because it’s not one mat. It’s two. It’s one very worn out mat underneath and it’s replacement on top. Whoever replaced the mat was so lazy they didn’t bother to remove the old one, they just laid the new one on top. Whenever I’m on cash I don’t feel as sore either because there’s only one mat in each checkout. However, I shall not discount the fact that I don’t work as much anymore and my stamina is gone. Work is hard on me because I’m not used to it anymore, which is a shame because it’s getting to the point where I’m not dreading it, but I know I’m going to feel like crap when it’s over. I really need to get into the habit of stretching on my breaks.

Anyway, I’m done speculating. As I said, whatever the cause of my exhaustion recently all that really matters is that I take care of myself; get lots of sleep, eat plenty and eat well. And as Dory from Finding Nemo says “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.”



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