dependent balance

Today I was sitting in my Poang knitting when a thought occurred to me; my cats really add balance to the kid in my life. I don’t mean they balance Hannah, I mean that for all the things that Hannah is the cats are not and that is refreshing as hell.

Every night after Hannah is gone to bed it’s like a shift in the air happens. I relax more and Oso comes out demanding attention. But her idea of demanding attention is rubbing her rabbit-like fur against my legs (oh no, it’s soooo irritating), not yelling at me or begging me to pick her up at the most inopportune times. For all the times Hannah is high energy, throwing her toys and trying to open the fridge, my cats are lounging somewhere, sleeping most likely.

I had originally thought how perfect it is that I have cats to lower my blood pressure after a crazy day of higher blood pressure. My favorite way to end the day is to sit on my bed, listen to Ambient Bass on Songza and let my cat cuddle up next to me. It’s my cat time, and my time to unwind with a book or a knitting project or whatever I feel like doing.

So this is how I suddenly have a whole new appreciation for my fur babies. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never not loved my cats, but I feel like realization might put a new spin on my relationship with my them. I love my little girl, but sometimes I like having exclusive time with my kitties too and think they just might serve a healthy purpose in my life.


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