Well…okay. I know it’s been a whole month, but I have had zero inspiration and been occupied with other things like finishing the Divergent trilogy and starting a cardigan.

October was an decent month, a warm one. It’s my favorite month. It’s that perfect time of year when the weather is in that wonderful balance of cool, but not yet cold and the rain isn’t so permanent that it doesn’t chill you down to your bones. But, something happened. I don’t know what, but I ended up on an emotional roller coaster. Everything is fine. Seriously. There’s nothing major happening in my life that should make me feel that way. My two year old is just a two year old and Nate is Nate. Nothing had changed, but my fuse was so, so short and I craved to get away and have some peace.

I tried reminding myself that Hannah doesn’t do the things she does intentionally. She doesn’t even understand what intention is. Sure, she button-pushes like all two-year-olds do to test their boundaries, but it doesn’t matter what they ever do, even if it’s making the most epic mess imaginable, it’s not worth getting angry over. At best you heave a sigh and fix whatever happened, but anger is never the solution. In fact, anger only makes it far worse. Kids pick up on it and it upsets them, which makes them act out, which perpetuates the cycle of getting into trouble and you keep fueling it with anger and shouting and pointless chastising you will get nowhere. I had to learn this the hard way.

I do know that most of my mood problems are caused by hormones. Ovulating is worse than that time of the month by a long shot, and I can you exactly when I ovulated and the calm (after the storm) that settled in the next day or two. When I ovulated I had this sense of relief cover me like a blanket on a cold night. A part of me would like to know why I had terrible mood swings prior of ovulation, but it’s a medical rabbit hole I don’t want to invest the time in. At least it’s predictable. In the meantime I’ve taken to cod liver oil and evening primrose oil supplements to give my body an extra boost of A, D, Omega 3’s, and GLA to help with PMS symptoms and hope that they help balance everything out enough that next month I don’t feel like throwing every dish we own out the window. I’ve also started using aromatherapy to promote better feelings of well-being, and so far that’s actually going pretty well.

I’ve been eyeballing Sacred Arrow jewelry for quite some time, and finally made a purchase with some birthday money. Sacred Arrow is all about jewelry that diffuses essential oils for aromatherapy use. The truth is if you have anything that’s made of genuine leather you can put a few drops of essential oil on it and it will diffuse for a few days. I already have a Pandora leather bracelet so while I waited on the necklace I started diffusing with that. That also led me on a search of local places to find essential oils. The internet has exploded with Young Living (the very brand that Sacred Arrow promotes as well), an essential oil company that touts therapeutic grade, blah blah blah. DoTerra is another, but they both come with hefty price tags and while they make their customers believe that their oils are more superior to anyone else’s to justify that price tag, I think it’s all marketing bullshit. Sorry, essential oil lovers, but I do. As long as it’s pure (and if they can tell you their put their oils through rigorous purity testing like NOW does) then it doesn’t matter who is selling them. This article says it all.

Anyhoo…I digress. I found Escents Aromatherapy, a Vancouver based company that offers essential oils and aroma blends in an actual store that I can go to and no have to spend a fortune on shipping from the US. They were even having a sale on their small 5ml bottles, buy two get a third free. Such a great deal! So now I have aroma blends of cinnamon and clove, rosewood and lavender, and sage and bergamot. I also got geranium oil for my face. And I’ve been diffusing them all (except the geranium) in my bracelet and now I have my necklace with a strip of leather that rests in the nape of my neck. I love diffusing this way. I get whiffs here and there of the scent and it’s just lovely. Plus I know that anyone passing by me may get a whiff of it too. It’s like perfume that I can take off at the end of the day without taking a shower, and the supposed benefits that come with coming in contact with these essential oils will hopefully help too. I’m slightly skeptical, but less so now.


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