I can’t recall if I had ever mentioned in a previous post (and I can’t be bothered to go back and read a bunch of them right now) about our building manager being replaced in December.

Quick back story: when Nate and I moved in we had the most useless manager and somehow he managed to keep his job right up until December. The reason why he lost it was because he finally rented to a couple who said “no bullshit” and took him to the Rental Tenancy Act (RTA for short) board for arbitration of much needed repairs. After the arbitration ruled in favor of the tenants and gave him a time frame to complete the repairs he completely turned a blind eye and ignored it all. So my neighbors dug a little deeper and contacted the owners of the building directly and slowly shit hit the fan.

It took several months for everything to play out, including a new manager who didn’t even last two months. He claims he had to step down for personal reasons and it’s neither my business nor my place to say whether or not that’s true. Some of my neighbors and I may suspect that it had to do with the fact that the owners would not let him manage and repair the building in a way that he would have preferred. It’s too bad because during his short stint he proved to be reliable and responsible, two characteristics that our previous manager lacked.

Now we have an on site manager who is occupying our old suite before we moved to Salt Spring Island. I got to have a nice long chat with him the lobby as I was going out and we chatted about the work that needs to be done in our suite. He passed out repair request forms to get an idea of how much work needs to be done and what’s bothering the tenants and our list was rather substantial. I don’t know how it compares to other suites, but ours has it’s problems and a few need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

I feel hope, though. This guy is dedicated! He’s determined to fix every single suite in the building, and fix them thoroughly. So far he’s already gutted two bathrooms and redone them and their plumbing from top to bottom. In our conversation I was able to give him more details on the damage in our bathroom and he got excited because it meant that he would have reason to gut ours and the suite below us as well. But I told him that even though it would be inconvenient for a week or two, I’m totally stoked to be getting repairs.

Aside from the bathroom repairs, the suite below us is already in much better shape because when our short lived manager was here in December he had it repainted and fixed up a little, but it’s still so much more than I’m ever used to getting. It’s been repainted, the window sills have been sanded and repainted. I don’t know if anything else has been fixed yet, but our current manager said that he wants to renovate it some more, replace the floor in the kitchen, paint doors, etc. Maybe he will sand and refinish the hardwood because it has a giant stain in the entry. Anyway, he’s offered that we move into that suite once he’s done with it so that he can come up here and give our suite a make over.

I’m not a  huge fan of the view even though it’s technically the same, just lower. There is a huge holly bush and I told him that I didn’t like the fact that it completely blocked the living room window. He pondered cutting it back. Like I said, this guy is gung ho! Nate doesn’t care about the window, but he does care about the fact that the neighbor below that suite is crazy and Hannah’s loud little feet would drive her mad. We would have to deal with her wrath. Our manager has already had to deal with multiple noise complaints and it’s only been a  month! He did say that he wants to push her out to remove the crazy and so that he can fix up her suite. She had mentioned that she wants to move anyway. I don’t think she likes the idea of living kitty-corner to an elementary school. That detail, however, makes me want to stay. 

So there’s things to think about and discuss, but it seems to be moving in a certain direction that will result in…results! I no longer feel like this place is hopeless. This building has been home for 6 years and I want to stay because everything is convenient about it, and the elementary school makes it even more so. We’re both close to work (30 minute bike ride for Nate, 20 minute walk for me!), transit and amenities. We don’t need a car. Sometimes I wish we did for excursions, but if one of us just sucked it up and upgraded our license we could rent one. Our location has a walk score of 91/100, that’s how awesome it is. It’s just the fact that our building has been left in disrepair. But that’s starting to change and the fact that those changes might benefit us sooner rather than later makes me feel even more satisfied. And excited!

The idea of moving all our stuff downstairs may seem like a headache, but if we can do it over a few days, like move all the major stuff like beds, furniture and kitchen stuff one day and follow with all the less important stuff after that would make it much easier. Plus, it gives me a chance to reorganize. We could rethink our set up, make room for a breakfast table.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen. Our manager is coming over for a little walk through to see what needs to be fixed and possibly discuss moving downstairs. Holly bush and crazy neighbor be damned! We are basically being handed a renovated suite. How could we say no to that?


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