I am enjoying ballet SO much.

I gave up jazz to dance twice a week instead of once, and I took on a class that is a little more rigorous. When I danced in high school I was always in a syllabus based class. My school participates in the Royal Academy of Dance. I’ve already done Grades 4 through 8 by completing exams, and I’ve participated in, I think, three vocational levels that introduced me to pointe and more advanced technique. I say ‘I think’ because the vocational levels have changed a lot since I was doing them. In fact, they underwent a change in name while I was doing them, but since then they’ve revamped the whole syllabus. I was told it’s more ‘dancey’, and by ‘dancey’ they mean it’s just as much flourish and better use of the music as it is technical. Before it was much more technical. It was more about making a perfect picture that an examiner would be able to scrutinize, at least that’s how it seemed to me. But it’s been so long ago now that I don’t even remember the old syllabus and how it compares so it’s a moot point anyway.

What matters is that I like what I’ve learned so far. It makes me break a sweat like nobody’s business. But the best part about all of it combined is that I’m already seeing improvement. My feet and ankles are already getting stronger, my legs held a grand ronde jambe almost at 90 degrees last night. I accepted this with much as much incredulity as encouragement. I learned a rather difficult allegro last week. I practiced the footwork at home a little bit and relearned it in my Thursday class. And not without a little bit of mirth I might add; my adult classmates had no idea what they were in for. But it really helped me because I was able to do most of it to music last night. It’s sloppy, of course, but I have so much fun doing it that I don’t let the sloppiness ruin it for me. Don’t get me wrong, I want to perfect this thing. But I’m going to do it with a lot of sweat on my skin and a smile on my flushed face.


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